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Nadia Larsen
Nonprofit Partner Nadia Strong Foundation
Nadia's a breast-cancer survivor, living through her treatment journey in what she calls a "year of hell." During Nadia's full year of aggressive treatment for a rare HER2+ breast cancer she endured chemotherapy, mastectomy, flap surgeries, removal of 7 lymph nodes, expansions, 28 radiations, reconstructive surgery and finally the removal of her port. Nadia photographed her treatment as part of her healing journey.

She beat stage 4 with a combination of medical treatment and a disciplined regimen of holistic health, positivity and lifestyle changes—including veganism, supplements, vitamin-C infusions, laughing out loud, re-ordering her priorities (she doesn't sweat the small stuff, and says a lot of it is small stuff), and CBD, which had such an impact on her health she's now part of a company team to sell the product and educate others about its proper use. Nadia helps support and educate other warriors and survivors about the positive health steps they can take too.

Nadia was born in Jerusalem on Christmas Day to a Polish father and Belarus mother. A world traveler, she speaks 6 languages—and as of January 2022 has been cancer-free for 6 years.

Nadia's Survivor Photography
A portion of the Pink-Ribbon Boudoir funds raised will go to the Nadia Strong Foundation to open a photography studio and continue her mission to photograph warriors and survivors with free portraits to show they are "Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer," as well as serve as a center for support and health education. You can find out more about her journey on the website, and more about her health regimen on the CBD website

Nadia's TerrApinya CBD
Do you have any questions about CBD to help with a natural way of healing? Visit Nadia's TerrApinya company website.